Wednesday, 2nd February

Time What Who Notes
8.30–8.45a NCI — Informatics Vision and Goals Sudhir/Christos
8.45–9.00a DMCC – Informatics Vision and Goals Mark
9.00–9.15a JPL – Informatics Vision and Goals Dan
9.15–9.45a Protocol and Biomarker Data Life Cycle
9.45a–10.30a Portal Demo — Latest Features Sean Andrew and Heather to clean up Standards Page
10.30–11.00a Break
11.00a–12.15p Science Data Capture Pipeline
  • Existing Systems
    • eCAS
    • BMDB
    • VSISM
    • ACED
  • Underlying process, technical, and data architecture?
  • Standards
  • What's available?
  • What's missing?
Dan Heather wills start pulling together slides
12.15–1.30p Lunch
1.30–2.15p Data Curation
  • eCAS
  • BMDB
  • Protocol
2.15–3.00p Analysis Pipeline
  • Improving Analysis
  • Capture sufficient provenance information
  • Tools needed?
Dan Heather will start pulling together slides
3.00–3.15p Break
3.15–4.30p Data Dissemination
  • Specimen Data
  • Biomarker Data
  • Protocol Data
  • Publications
  • Science Data
  • Member/PI Information
  • What's missing?
4.30–5.00p Science and Social Networking
  • eMatch
  • Future Ideas for Public Portal
Andrew will mock up social networking screens
6.00p Dinner

Thursday, 3rd February

Time What Who/Notes
8.30–8.45a Recap of Day 1
8.45–9.15a Web and Cloud Based Science Tools
  • What is cloud computing?
  • What tools can be delivered to the EDRN science community over the web?
  • What services can cloud offer EDRN?
9.15–9.45a Open Source and Science
  • Open source trends in science
  • What tools/software should be made open source?
  • Possible open source models/providers (e.g., SourceForge, etc.)
9.45–10.00a Break
10.00–10.30a Mechanisms for Engaging EDRN Science Community
  • EDRN Collaborative Groups
  • EDRN Steering Committee
  • Other Bioinformatics Groups
10.30–11.00a Bioinformatics Meeting 2011 (Other EDRN Sites, Canary, Industry, caBIG, etc.)
11.00a–12.00p Work Plan for 2011 (50,000 foot view) and Wrap Up Heather to review based on notes from meeting

Afternoon — Working Session Begins

Time What Who/Notes
12.00–1.00p Lunch
1.30–2.00p Security
  • Public portal integration/synchronization
  • EDRN-wide security architecture
Sean (HK to draft process)
2.00–3.00p Ontology and Common Data Elements
  • Effectiveness
  • Evaluation of current processes utilized to maintain and communicate
  • How much information should the ontology contain?
  • How to link software and specifications to ontology
  • Improving the distribution of the ontology and data standards
3.00–3.15p Break
3.15–4.15p Portal Topics
  • Port subset of secure features to public portal
  • Portal Users
HK to draft ideas and data flow

Friday, 4th February

8.30a–12.30p: Continued Working Session