When 05:00 PM 06:30 PM Apr 24, 2009
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Where MeetingPlace ID: ERNE (3763)
Contact Name
Contact Phone +1 626 593 5239
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Dr R Hannes Niedner (UCSD) has graciously agreed to give an encore presentation on the ERNE Grid Service for caBIG.

The presentation will be both in telecon and online via MeetingPlace on Friday, 24th April, at 10am Pacific time.

Viewing the Presentation and Demo

  • To watch the presentation and demonstration online, visit JPL's MeetingPlace and enter meeting ID ERNE.
  • A copy of the presentation is available.

Joining the Conference

To hear the presentation and participate in the discussion, call JPL's MeetingPlace.

If you're at JPL
Call 4-3434 and use meeting ID ERNE (3763)
If you're off lab
Call +1 818 354 3434 and use meeting ID ERNE (3763)
For toll free dialing
  1. Call +1 800 367 5754
  2. At the second dial tone, enter 575
  3. At the third dial tone, enter 43434
  4. Follow the prompts to attend meeting ID ERNE (3763)

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