Portal 3.0.0α1
Galaxies 'Coming of Age' in Cosmic Blobs (NASA, Chandra, 6/24/09), courtesy of http://bit.ly/cwUqyZ

It is with great pleasure that the combined staff of the Informatics Center of the Early Detection Research Network announce the availability of version 3.0.0α1 of the EDRN Public Portal. The EDRN Public Portal is the combined public face, calling card, "want to know more", scientific destination, members-only lounge, and knowledge environment for all things EDRN. It's both a lobby for cancer sufferers and their advocates as well as an inner sanctum for the EDRN cognoscenti.

This release, 3.0.0α1, is a demonstration version of the EDRN Public Portal that we invite EDRN members to explore and comment on as much as possible before it becomes a permanent fixture at http://edrn.nci.nih.gov/. This α demonstration version is available online at http://edrn.jpl.nasa.gov/portal3.0; EDRN members with user accounts may login for additional members-only features.

Component Versions

The EDRN Public Portal is component-based software, meaning that it's divided up into discrete and separately-maintained software components that one or two individuals can maintain without affecting other components that comprise the entire portal. This release, 3.0.0α1, is comprised of the following components:

Component Previous Version Current Version Issues Addressed
edrn.theme 0.0.2 0.0.3 CA-466
edrnsite.funding 0.0.0 No change None
edrnsite.misccontent 0.0.0 No change None
edrnsite.policy 0.0.0 0.0.1 CA-469, CA-471, CA-467
edrnsite.portlets 0.0.0 0.0.1 CA-466
edrnsite.search 0.0.0 No change None
eke.biomarker 0.0.0 No change None
eke.ecas 0.0.0 0.0.1 CA-463
eke.knowledge 0.0.0 No change None
eke.publications 0.0.0 No change None
eke.site 0.0.0 No change None
eke.study 0.0.0 No change None
eke.review 0.0.0 No change None

In addition, the component eke.calendar was removed altogether. Its final version number was 0.0.0. May it rest in peace.

Issues Addressed

Although a large number of internally-maintained issues saw their genesis, evaluation, evolution, and resolution during early development of each of the components that comprise the portal, now that the EDRN Public Portal enjoys official releases, we are happy to present this list of official items that were resolved and included as a part of this release of the portal:

  • CA-466 - Change order of links on the left side menu of the portal
  • CA-469 - List of sites on "About EDRN" still points to the old site at DMCC
  • CA-471 - Under patient advocates, press releases - sorry page doesn't exist.
  • CA-467 - PI page does not exist from EC page
  • CA-463 - Change "Body Systems" under Science Data Tab Contents to Organ