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For years, the central component that made possible all of the informatics software developed by JPL for EDRN is Object Oriented Data Technology (OODT).

JPL's OODT was the brainchild of Dan Crichton and Steve Hughes, who sought a smarter, better way to discover and exchange disparate scientific data. Later, Dr Chris Mattmann heroically pushed through all of the legal red tape that bound OODT into a limbo fate somewhere between the U.S. government and Caltech intellectual property, and into the realm of free and open source software.

Championed by Apache Software Foundation president Justin Erenkrantz, OODT became an Apache Incubator project. It became Apache OODT. And late last year, it graduated to fully-fledged, top-level project, demonstrating the maturity needed to function in an open community, growing with contributions from developers world-wide, and adopted by organization beyond EDRN, beyond NASA.

In the open source community, there's no greater acknowledgement that "you've arrived" than to be featured on the ultimate news site for all things nerdy, hardware, computing, and—of course—open source: Slashdot.

That day came on Saturday, the 8th of January 2001: Slashdot featured Apache OODT.

Or, to put it more concisely: OODT got Slashdotted!

The EDRN Informatics Center continues to be a proud adopter and extender of Apache OODT. We look forward to a healthy two-way give-and-take relationship with it as we continue to fight cancer with the finest informatics tools ever developed.