More Biomarker Details Open to the Public
She Left the Door Open, courtesy of

Coming in release 0.0.6 of the eke.biomarker component, we're proud to reveal even more biomarker research to the public. It's an open door policy!

Currently, only biomarkers that have been "accepted" by EDRN are available for public viewing. Prompted by issue CA-650, developer Sean Kelly implemented a public view for all biomarkers. Now:

  • Information on the "Basics" tab is available to everyone.
  • Accepted biomarkers reveal every last detail of themselves.
  • Unaccepted biomarkers keep their other tabs private. You need to log in and be member of an appropriate group to view those (sometimes sordid) details.

We hope we can deploy these software updates to the operational EDRN portal. Hudson is currently working on them and will have them at the test portal shortly.