Investigators for Protocols
Lady bug, courtesy

Revision 5946 fixes CA-422, which asked that protocols show lead investigator, coordinating site investigator, and involved sites. There were two causes:

  • Ingest of protocols was occurring before ingest of sites, therefore protocols were finding no sites.
  • Even when ingest in the correct order, a protocol would show the lead investigator's site and the coordinating investigator's site, rather than the names of the investigators.

Both of these causes have been addressed. The Buildbot has already deployed the development portal and it's ready for viewing.

Note that in CA-422, the suggested fix shows four involved sites, however in the RDF data from the DMCC, there are no involved sites listed for "Validation of Protein Markers for Lung Cancer". If this is in fact in error, we should submit a new ticket for the edrn.rdf component.