When Jan 25, 2012 04:30 PM Jan 26, 2012 08:00 PM to
Where Pasadena - Dial-in Info: 818-354-3434 and the toll-free number is 1-866-328-8761 ID: 1116
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Welcome to the JPL Informatics Brainstorming Retreat 2012.


The agenda is as follows:

Wednesday, January 25th

08:30 Meet at JPL
09:00 Review of the JPL/NCI Task Plan Items/Goals (Dan)
  • Architecture
  • Standards
  • Software Infrastructure and Tools
  • Biocuration
  • Meeting Coordination
  • EDRN Bioinfoamatics Meeting
  • Key drivers within and outside EDRN
09:30 Portal Plans and Capabilities (Sean)
  • Unified access to data
  • Plone Support
  • Missing functionality
  • NCI deliveries
  • Ideas for improvement
10:15 eCAS and Proteomics  (Chris/Andrew)
  • Captured data sets
  • Missing data sets
  • Automating/Improving biocuration support
  • PI/Lab-specific support
  • Support for Proteomics  (what's available; what's needed
  • Support for caBIG and other programs
  • Data analysis support
11:00 Biomarker Database (Kristen/Maureen)
  • Currently curated biomarkers
  • Biomarker reviews
  • Missing biomarkers
  • Automating/improving biocuration support
  • Various reports and statistics
11:30 Lunch and Tour of JPL
1:15 Study Management Tools (Heather)
  • Redcap support
  • Progress with San Antonio
  • What's available; what's missing?
  • Next pilot site?
2:00 Specimen Support (Heather)
  • ERNE access; technical infrastructure + site support
  • IRB
  • Reference Sets
  • Specimen tracking tools
2:45 Access and management of publications (Andrew)
3:15 EDRN Standards and Results (Dan)
  • Common Data Elements/Biomarker Ontology
  • Open source release of "EKE"
4:00 Capabilities for the next five years (Dan)
  • Workflow/processing
  • Study Management
  • Improved Lab Support and Cloud Computing Services
  • Better open source and ontology release
  • Collaborations
  • New tools such as specimen tracking that directly integrate?
  • Image archiving?
  • Other curated databases
  • What else would help in the end-to-end support for biomarker discovery/validation?

Thursday, January 25th

08:30 Meet at JPL
09:00 Continued discussion on capabilities for the next five years (Dan)
  • Key infrastructure needs (security, data sharing, data/ontology architecture)
  • Key partners
09:45 JPL Internal Tools/Processes (Basecamp, Jira, Dropbox, IC Site) (Heather/All)
10:15 Bioinformatics Workshop (Dan)
  • Identify goals of the workshop
  • Define agenda and venue
  • Identify key groups
10:45 Key meetings (Heather)
  • Steering Committee (March and September plans)
  • Other bioinformatics meetings
  • Summer EDRN Informatics meeting?
11:15 Key publication opportunities (Chris/Dan)
  • Targeted topics (Proteomics/workflow, updated architecture; biomarker database; specimen experience)
12:00 Adjourn

Presentation Materials

The retreat's presentation materials are available online.


The meeting takes place at the beautiful Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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