Hudson Upgraded and New iOS View

The EDRN Informatics Center is now running version 1.373 of Hudson, the continuous integration and build server. You can access Hudson at its regular URL. However, if you've got an iPhone, iPod Touch, or other iOS-device, there's now a special URL you can use that gives you a sweet, slimmed down user interface: check it out!

Hudson watches for changes to our software and automatically compiles, tests, and deploys our software, helping keep our defects low and our quality high. It watches out for syntax errors, compilation failures, unit tests not passing, and functional tests not functioning, alerting the Informatics Center developers by email when things go away.

So far, Hudson is managing 29 different projects ranging from small components of the EDRN portal to the entire ECAS Curation Web App. Why not add yours today? It's easy!

For a list of what's new in version 1.373, check out Hudson's changelog.