For this process, we'll descibe a hypothetical EDRN application called EDRN Foo running at the hypothetical location The current release is Foo 1.0, and the next is Foo 1.1.

  1. QA creates Foo 1.1 in Quack.
  2. Everyone create issues with the "Affects Version" set to the Foo 1.0 and the "Fix Version" set to the Foo 1.1.
  3. Devops works on the software to address the issues created in JIRA. Mark issues as resolved as defects are repaired and new features are implemented.
  4. Devops deploys a test version of Foo 1.1 to
  5. QA runs test battery on Foo 1.1 as prescribed by Quack.
  6. Repeat above four steps until satisfied for official release. QA announces to approval for release with URL to Quack report.
  7. Devops creates a new version for the software project, Foo 1.2, using the JIRA Versions Manager, and archives the oldest release of the project, if applicable. Search for all OPEN issues with Fix Version "Foo 1.1" and activate Bulk Update tool. Use Bulk Update to move all found issues to "Foo 1.2". Use Versions Manager to "release" Foo 1.1. Generate Changelog for Foo 1.1 using "Release Notes" tool.
  8. Devops commits changelog.
  9. Devops shuts down and decommissions Foo 1.0. Devops activates Foo 1.1 in its place.
  10. Devops sends announcement email:
    Subject: [ANNOUNCE] EDRN Foo 1.1
    Hi folks,
    The EDRN Foo 1.1 is now running at
    This release covers:
    <Changelog from JIRA>
    Quack: <URL to Quack Report>
    QA +1: <URL to mail archive from step 6 above>
    Thanks to <contributors names> and the rest of the team for contributing to this release.
    <Devops Name>