Creating new users in EDRN's iRODS systems is easy. You'll need the following:

  • A username. You can use the user's existing EDRN username if s/he has one.
  • The full name, email address, and job title for the new user.
  • Access to any system with the iRODS "i-commands".

To create a new user:

  1. Set up your ~/.irods/.irodsEnv file for the iRODS manager user "rods" with the following contents:
    irodsHost 'HOSTNAME'
    irodsPort 1247
    irodsDefResource 'RESOURCE'
    irodsUserName 'rods'
    irodsZone 'ZONE'

    Replace HOSTNAME with either or; replace RESOURCE with either cancerResc or labcasResc; and replace ZONE with either cancer or labcas.

  2. Log in as the "rods" by running iinit. When prompted, enter the "rods" password. The current "rods" password is [REDACTED].
  3. Run iadmin. At the prompt, enter the following commands:
    mkuser USERNAME#ZONE rodsuser
    moduser USERNAME password PASSWORD
    moduser USERNAME info FULL NAME
    moduser USERNAME comment JOB TITLE OR OTHER
    atg edrn USERNAME

    Replace USERNAME with the account name; replace ZONE with either cancer or labcas; replace the other fields as necessary.

  4. Press your end of file character (usually CTRL+D) to exist iadmin.

That's it!