Sent to NCI! Portal 3.2.2
"Door up steps", courtesy of

The EDRN Informatics Center at JPL is happy to report that we've completed release 3.2.2 of the EDRN public portal and sent it on its way to NCI! We're crossing our fingers and hoping NCI can get this portal released into production at as soon as possible.

Issues Addressed

The following issues are addressed in this latest release:


  • CA-379 - Generate email notification to DMCC when portal changes are approved at NCI
  • CA-522 - Remove "admin" toolbar from SuperUser LDAP group rights
  • CA-523 - Create search indexes
  • CA-541 - Add to software repository
  • CA-551 - Add lock icon to biomarkers and science data that are "secure" to protocol pages
  • CA-555 - Add large cohort links to resources page
  • CA-559 - The current EDRN-Wide Collaborations link downloads a protocol search html
  • CA-566 - Refresh eCAS and BMDB RDF for GI Expert Biomarker Review
  • CA-570 - Create /portal3.2 alias on cancer and tumor
  • CA-571 - Make RDF ingest defensive against inconsistent data
  • CA-580 - Block accounts with excessive authentication failures
  • CA-586 - Show alternative text (if abstract text is empty) on protocol list page
  • CA-589 - Indicate preferred browsers on home page
  • CA-599 - Change look+feel of Portal 3

Bugs Fixed

  • CA-526 - Duplicate science-data deployed as part of portal setup
  • CA-536 - Portal 3 should install PIL
  • CA-540 - PI not showing for a site
  • CA-549 - Biological Specimens Link under Resources - Page doesn't exist
  • CA-553 - TLS certificate for EDRN LDAP expired
  • CA-569 - Quicklinks portlet link to Standards goes to a dir, not a wiki
  • CA-574 - PI for science dataset "Prostate pre-validation for hk2, hk4 and hk11." incorrect on portal Science Data tab
  • CA-575 - PI for SELDI Validation Study Phase II datasets incorrect on portal Science Data tab
  • CA-576 - Datasets without Protocols should not be displayed on the Science Data tab
  • CA-577 - Update the Sample Reference Sets page
  • CA-579 - Access to secure web site link goes to wrong URL
  • CA-582 - Publications missing authors


We've posted full details on the installation. The software, though, is copyrighted by Caltech and cannot be released to the general public. Contact us if you need a copy.