Portal 3

Everything related to release 3 of the EDRN Public Portal and Knowledge Environment.

Portal 4

Everything about release 4 of the EDRN public portal, home website, and knowledge environment.

Downtime Message

An HTML page (and supporting images) that can be used to warn people of downtime of the EDRN Public Portal.

User Updating

Sample application programmer interfaces (APIs) for updating of user contact information for the EDRN DMCC and the Public Portal.

Temporary BMDB Biomarkers Feed

This is a hand-edited fix for the UTF-8 encoding problem currently coming from http://edrn.jpl.nasa.gov/bmdb/rdf/biomarkers so that the EDRN Public Portal can successfully ingest biomarkers. This snapshot was taken on Thu Oct 25 16:36:15 UTC 2012.

Protocols Snapshot (2013-2-6)

A snapshot of the protocols RDF feed taken on 2013-02-06T01:52:52Z in order to work around a Portal issue with sorting titles with non-US-ASCII characters in their titles