RDF Specification (draft)

This is a specification for the RDF-based import and export mechanism for the Biomarker Database. It's currently a work-in-progress.


All images about the Biomarker Database.

Biomarker Database Presentation

A presentation on the state of the Biomarker Database (BMDB) and its relationship to the EDRN Knowledge Environment (EKE). Prepared for the August 2008 EDRN Informatics Meeting.

RDF Dumps

Due to instability with the BMDB's RDF output, we're capturing a "known good" set of biomarker and biomarker-organ RDF dumps here to see if using a static set improves ingest.

Biomarker Curation Wish List

These are some capabilities that would efficiently speed up the process of basic biomarker curation, enabling the curator to spend more time reading papers and adding deep curation. It would be most advantageous if the curator had the ability to perform these tasks directly.