This folder contains documentation relating to each of the major applications being developed and maintained by the Informatics Center, including the Portal, ERNE, eCAS, the Biomarker Database, and others.


This folder contains collections (also known as topics or "smart folders") providing various views of our collected documentation.


Various standard APIs, data dictionaries, documents, specifications, etc.

EDRN Web Application Skin Files

This archive contains the files necessary to skin a web application with the EDRN look-and-feel currently available on the Biomarker Database, eCAS Browser, and eCAS Curation web applications. Included are an HTML file which contains the structural layout of the header,body, and footer sections, as well as the required CSS stylesheets and accompanying image files. Contact with questions or comments.

Temporary Items

Items whose lifetimes are final publication location we've not yet figured out.

EDRN Informatics Center Newsletters

The reports (in newsletter format) filed (bi-) monthly by the Informatics Center, describing progress we've made, releases we've released, hurdles overcome, and more.

Random PDFs

These are PDF files that seem to have been randomly uploaded to the root folder of the site. I've since moved them here so as to keep the root folder clean.