NCI-JPLThe earlier cancer is detected, the more effective the treatment.

That's why it's the mission of the Early Detection Research Network to research biomarkers. Biomarkers are indicators of disease or the potential for disease.

Managing the enormous amount of knowledge, information, and data that goes into biomarker research requires a herculean effort. That's why EDRN turned to Jet Propulsion Laboratory to become EDRN's Informatics Center. JPL and NCI have worked together to build a leading edge, national, bioinformatics network for the capture, management, distribution and analysis of cancer research data. This network is based on leveraging the technologies, capabilities, and expertise of JPL in building scientific data-intensive systems across multiple disciplines.  This includes the use of Apache OODT, originally developed by JPL, and now part of the Apache Software Foundation.  OODT provides an open source, data management framework for building the EDRN Knowledge System or EKE.  EKE is a virtual knowledge-base of biomarkers, studies, publications, and resulting science data from EDRN research that is integrated and powered by a semantic-based search. While the system appears fully integrated, it is really a virtual data system with data distributed at a national level.

JPL recently hosted the Cancer Biomarker Bioinformatics Workshop for more information, workshop report and presentations click here.

For more information, see the Early Detection Research Network portal.