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Documents tagged "overview", meaning high-level and not too technical.
ImageConceptual ERNE Deployment
A diagram showing the high-level concept of the deployment of ERNE around the country.
ImageDepartment Diagram
A high-level diagram showing how a collaborative environment can be created virtually through federation of existing real-world departments in a catalog/archive system.
ImageeCAS Nation Diagram
A figure depicting several fictional eCAS installations across the United States of America joining in a federated network.
FileEDRN Biomarker Atlas Lung Interface Overview
A high-level presentation of screenshots of the EDRN Biomarker Atlas Lung Interface
FileEKE Movie - 2009
This short (8 minute) video provides a high-level overview of the EDRN informatics infrastructure collectively termed the EDRN Knowledge Environment, or EKE.
ImageERNE High Level Deployment Diagram
A simple diagram that shows how the central ERNE query server ( communicates over the public internet with an ERNE site.
ImageHigh-Level eCAS Components
A figure depicting the high-level components that go into the EDRN Catalog and Archive System.
ImageMetadata and Data: Explaining and Specializing
A high-level diagram that shows how metadata can explain data in a data description, which describes data. Further, data itself may be specialized into various kinds, such as data sets, video, images, and documents.
FileNew Site Presentation
This is a brief (8 slide) presentation about the OODT technologies used for ERNE. It tells new sites how ERNE works, what software will need to be installed at a new ERNE site, the security protocols, and the mapping process from ERNE CDEs to the site's local specimen database.
ImageRaw Data
A high-level diagram showing how raw data from a scientific instruments flows into an eCAS repository, and how other eCAS systems can then share and augment that data.
FileThe EDRN Knowledge Environment
These slides are a brief overview of the EDRN Knowledge Environment (EKE) that was prepared for Adam Clark's visit to the Informatics Center.
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