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FileA Distributed Information Services Architecture to Support Biomarker Discovery in Early Detection of Cancer
Informatics in biomedicine is becoming more and more interconnected with distributed information services, interdisciplinary correlation, and cross-institutional collaboration. Partnering with NASA, the Early Detection Research Network, a program managed by the National Cancer Institute, has been defining and building emerging informatics architecture to support the discovery of biomarkers in their earliest stages. The architecture established by the informatics teams working with the National Cancer Institute and the Early Detection Research Network serves a blueprint for constructing a set of services focused on the capture, processing, management and distribution of information through the phases of biomarker discovery and validation. This focus of this paper will be to define the architecture, the associated services, the overall information model and framework for which these services can be integrated to form a knowledge grid for the scientific community. This paper was submitted to eScience 2006.
caTissue Suite → ERNE Wrapper Data Element Mapping
This presentation captures the current set of ERNE Common Data Elements (CDEs) and contains recommended mapping onto caTissueSuite 1.1.1 classes and fields.
ImageConceptual ERNE Deployment
A diagram showing the high-level concept of the deployment of ERNE around the country.
ImageEKE Deployment
A diagram showing deployment of the entire knowledge environment, including the main eCAS, portal, site-specific eCAS, an ERNE site, the ERNE query server, and VSIMS and EDRN secure site.
FileEKE Movie - 2009
This short (8 minute) video provides a high-level overview of the EDRN informatics infrastructure collectively termed the EDRN Knowledge Environment, or EKE.
ImageERNE Architecture
An image that depicts the typical deployment architecture for ERNE.
ImageERNE Cached Architecture
A UML component diagram showing the current, caching implementation of ERNE.
ImageERNE Component Diagram
A UML component diagram showing how the main components of ERNE (Tomcat web server and product client located at the DMCC and product server and specimen database located at a participating ERNE site) communicate.
ImageERNE High Level Deployment Diagram
A simple diagram that shows how the central ERNE query server ( communicates over the public internet with an ERNE site.
ImageERNE Interaction Diagram
A UML interaction diagram that depicts the steps involved in running a single specimen query.
ERNE Mapping to caTissue
This document describes the common data elements (CDEs) of ERNE and the classes of caTissue, and then recommends a mapping between the two.
ImageERNE Non-Cached Architecture
A UML component diagram that shows how ERNE worked before caching was implemented.
ERNE Product Server System Requirements
List of computing platform requirements in order to run the ERNE product server at a participating ERNE site.
ImageERNE Relational Schema
An entity-relationship diagram that shows the objects within a specimen database and the relationships between them.
ImageKnowledge Environment
The main, pivotal, over-arching depiction of the Knowledge Environment of the Early Detection Research Network. This one picture says it all.
FileNCI EDRN Biomarkers Knowledge Environment Informatics Infrastructure
A presentation given during the August 2008 Informatics telecon that describes the overall architecture of the entire knowledge environment, including its applications and other components.
FileNew Site Presentation
This is a brief (8 slide) presentation about the OODT technologies used for ERNE. It tells new sites how ERNE works, what software will need to be installed at a new ERNE site, the security protocols, and the mapping process from ERNE CDEs to the site's local specimen database.
FileRequirements for ERNE QA Processes
This document is intended to describe ERNE QA processes including information regarding responsibilities for the design, build, test, implementation and monitoring of the QA processes.
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