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This folder contains documentation relating to each of the major applications being developed and maintained by the Informatics Center, including the Portal, ERNE, eCAS, the Biomarker Database, and others.

Public Portal and Knowledge Environment (EKE)

Presentations, papers, and plans for the EDRN Public Portal and Knowledge Environment (EKE).

Public Portal and Knowledge Environment (EKE) - Read More…

Biomarker Database

The EDRN Biomarker Database (BMDB) tracks all of EDRN's research progress and phasing on biomarkers as well as related entities such as protocols and publications. It is available from the National Cancer Institute at

Biomarker Database - Read More…

Catalog and Archive Service (eCAS)

The EDRN Catalog and Archive Service (eCAS) provides a safe, annotated, metadata-rich, and automated repository for EDRN's data products. Access to EDRN generated data sets is currently restricted to EDRN PIs. Please check back soon as we are working with NCI to provide public access to this information.

Catalog and Archive Service (eCAS) - Read More…

EDRN Resource Network Exchange (ERNE)

The EDRN Resource Network Exchange (ERNE) is a virtual specimen bank that brings together existing disparate specimen databases into a unified whole, increasing the potential for scientific research.

EDRN Resource Network Exchange (ERNE) - Read More…

Lung Biomarker Atlas

Papers, installation guides, notes, reference manuals, presentations, and other documents about the Lung Biomarker Atlas.

Lung Biomarker Atlas - Read More…

Authentication & Authorization

Informatics standards and software supporting the positive identification of principals (authentication) and the endorsement of permissions (authorization) to those principals.

Authentication & Authorization - Read More…

Laboratory Catalog and Archive Service (LabCAS)

The Laboratory and Catalog and Archive Service (LabCAS) is an effort, by EDRN's Informatics Center, to build capabilities in support of cataloging, processing, and building high-level functionality on top of laboratory produced datasets. LabCAS is currently in development.

Laboratory Catalog and Archive Service (LabCAS) - Read More…


Monitoring and analytics for the research data flowing through EDRN informatics applications

Pulse - Read More…

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